A Cleaner Twitter

Even if Twitter survives, it won't be the community we all joined. 

People are decamping to Mastodon, a kinder, more civil place.

We've set up a Mastodon instance where you can both enjoy a local community and participate in the global "Fediverse"

A Server for Clean & Better Conversations

We (The Better Conversations Foundation) originally started a Mastodon server for people who had taken our Better Conversations course. Not really with any intent, just thought it would be fun to experiment. 

We thought if we restricted it to people who had done a "How to communicate better with other humans course" then it would naturally be a nice place to be.

Then when Twitter took a turn for the worse we thought we'd offer it to to the wider Clean world. 

Most of the burden of running a Social Media site is moderation. Hopefully Clean-centric people are nice and sensible and communicate well, so it shouldn't take much moderation!

Your questions answered

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have, please drop me an email or call me

Does it matter what Mastodon server I join?

Generally, no, although there's a strong preference in the Mastodon world to join a smaller server focused on your interests, rather than a larger more general one. 

However at the moment the larger servers are getting overwhelmed with all the new people. So that might cause you to join our server and move later when things settle down. 

Every server has a moderation policy and if you've got strong views on what content should or should not be allowed you should allow that to influence your choice of server. 

This web page looks glitzy - are you just a marketing scam?

We're testing a tool we've got to allow Better Conversations Partners to advertise their courses with Landing Pages. So this looks a bit marketing-y because it is in fact, based on a standard Landing Page Template.

Will you help me move to another server?

Yes of course! There's a well established way to move servers. 

Will you help me setup and use my Mastodon account?

We could run introduction sessions if people are interested.

I need help!

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