Enhance your Coaching and Training practice with the Better Conversations course

What makes this course different?

“Better Conversations” is a course template you can use in your own practice, free of charge or restriction.

Supported by the Better Conversations Foundation, we help coaches and trainers around the world make an impact whilst also promoting their own business. 

The Foundation runs “Experience” Courses so you can experience the course yourself, understand how it works, and how you can incorporate it in to your work. 

Ready made plans and material

The Foundation have produced comprehensive course plans, a handbook, and other support material.

Grow your own business

The course is designed to be easy to sell, with plenty of opportunities for additional material specific to your niche, coaching sessions, etc.

Decades of experience

Better Conversations has been developed and tested over the past 5 years, and has benefited from the generous advice of true experts, with decades of experience.

Support and advice

The Foundation provides support for Associates and Partners in developing their business. You'll also be able to work with other trainers to support each other.

Online or in person

We designed the course to be delivered on line which means delivery in-person is even better

A platform

The base course a well-tested platform you can use to build your own customised courses, using the same patterns and techniques

Take the next step - sign up for an Experience Course

Experience Courses are free, and the best way to see if Better Conversations is something you’d want to deliver

Support and material to help you

Still Curious?

General marketing page

We have a general marketing page which gives you an idea of the messaging for attendees.

The Foundation web site

The Foundation is developing an extensive documentation site. Still a work in progress, you're welcome to see how we are doing here.

Course overview

We have prepared a comprehensive Technical Course Overview.

Experience Courses

Designed to give you the experience of the course whilst also giving the opportunity to understand how it all fits together. Get in touch for details.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in attending the course



(UK) +44 1344 288630

(US) +1 978 865 4333

Better Conversations is based on the pioneering Clean Language work of the late David Grove and the contributions of the many people inspired by his work.


(UK) +44 1344 288630

(US) +1 978 865 4333

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